Reasons for Regular Engine Oil Change

One of the essential vehicle maintenance routines is ensuring you change your oil regularly. Proper oil changes are imperative to keeping the car running correctly. Oil change service is often an excellent opportunity to check the other areas of a vehicle. So, whether your car is brand new or you are driving a car that is a trusted friend, you should never ignore regular oil changes. Sacramento oil change can keep your engine going for long. Here are the key benefits of frequent oil changes.

Engine Longevity


If you frequently change your engine oil, then it will last longer than those not regularly serviced. Dirty and the grime therein can lead to increased friction between the moving parts of the engine. This will wear down the parts over time so they will not fit properly together. This will lead to leakage between parts such as the engine block and the piston. When this starts to happen, nothing much can be done other than completely overhauling the engine. Routine oil change, like maintenance, will help your engine go further before taking any drastic steps.

Keeps Engine Running Smoothly

Oil is mainly used to lubricate, clean, and cool the moving parts of the engine. It keeps the metals inside the engine from getting damaged when they rub against each other. It also cools the parts since friction makes them heat up. Finally, it collects debris and dust, which may go into the engine and carries these materials away to get trapped at the filter. The oil will, therefore, be degraded over time and lose the ability to do these tasks. This is why you must change the oil regularly to give the engine fresh oil.

Compliance with Warranty Obligation

Today, extended car warranties are common, but the agreements are not usually one-sided. Manufacturers require that you perform routine maintenance for your car or make the warranty void. Among these requirements is oil changes. You do not have a reason to forgo regular oil change, especially if the manufacturer offers this service. This service is valuable, and you pay for it when buying the car.

Better Gas Mileage

Vehicle engines will run more smoothly when the oil is fresh. This allows them to use fuel efficiently. For this reason, it will translate into better gas mileage and improving each fleet.

Most people usually carry out regular maintenance of their cars. However, they tend to forget the equally important oil change. You will reap the above benefits by changing your car engine oil regularly.