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Useful Tips When Buying a Used UTV

As the market for UTVs continues to expand, more and more people are disposing of their used UTV for new ones. Do you know you can get a great off-road used vehicle for a reasonable price? However, before you decide to purchase one, please consider inspecting the vehicle.

Any reputable seller must allow you to inspect the UTV besides answering all your questions related to the vehicle’s history. Though you may not get all the necessary information by asking questions, it’s essential to embark on a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Consider the flowing aspects:

Oil Check

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Another significant indicator of a quality machine is the oil. By checking the oil filters, you can determine the maintenance history of the UTV. Use an oil dip stick to check the oil from the engine, if the oil appears clean but smelly it’s a danger sign, but if the oil is dirty but has no odor then you are good to go.

A Test Ride

A test ride will give answers to most of the relevant question you might have about the UTV. As you go for your test ride, consider how fast the engine starts. If the engine takes centuries to crank, then you have reasons to worry.


Consequently, if the UTV emits lots of smoke when the engine is running, it may be an indication that you will spend enough dollars for repairs in days to come. If the UTV doesn’t feel tight and in control, it may have issues with the steering or suspension. You should also check the speed and brakes of the vehicle.

The Frames

The frames will be an excellent indicator of how the machine has been used. Cracks and bends in the structure should scare you away. If the vehicle has had significant crashes, it will be evident from the frames. Check also the shock mounting points; they’ll show if the UTV has been overstressed.

Custom Parts

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The machine’s parts will indicate the maintenance history of the UTV. If the vehicle has any upgrades also check these parts, Are they of high quality or can you replace them cheaply? As you review the parts, you should also have a rough understanding of the prices in your locality. If the doors and harnesses are worn out, you might need to consider another UTV. For example, if opt for a used off-road vehicle and you need side by side UTV parts to replace worn out ones, then consider the price of the replacements compared to getting another UTV.

Coolant Check

When checking the machines coolant, note that an ideal machine should have an orange or green coolant. Additionally, the coolant should not be diluted. You must also confirm that the owner doesn’t use water as a coolant since it will corrode the UTVs aluminum engine.

These are some of the most critical consideration as you inspect a used UTV in a bid to make a purchase.…